Q. Do I need to make an appointment or can I just turn up?
A. Consultation is by appointment only.

Q. Do you have wheelchair access?
A. Yes, we have a ramp at the front of our clinic allowing for ease of access.

Q. Do I need a referral?
A. You do not need a referral for routine podiatry care. However if you are attending under a government funded program Veterans Affairs or Medicare Benefits Scheme (formerly known as Enhanced Primary Care Program) a referral must be provided by your GP.

Q. What is the Medicare Benefits Scheme (MBS)?
A. Patients with a chronic medical condition may be eligible to receive podiatry treatment under the Medicare Benefits Scheme (MBS). Under this scheme eligible patients are able to claim a rebate for a set number of consultations per year. To be eligible for the MBS, your doctor must provide you with a MBS Referral and Care Plan. A maximum of 5 consultations are available per calendar year.

Q. Is podiatry covered by Medicare?
A. Under normal circumstances podiatry is not covered by Medicare however, patients attending under the MBS are able to claim a Medicare rebate for a set number of consultations per year.

Q. Can I claim through my Health Insurance Provider.
A. Yes, providing you have podiatry cover under your Extra’s cover. We have Hicaps facilities allowing us process the claim on your behalf. Rebates will vary so if you’re unsure, check with your health fund directly.

Q. Do you provide treatment at Initial appointment or is it just an assessment?
A. The Podiatrist will do an assessment and then provide the necessary treatment at the appointment.

Q. Do you Bulk Bill?
A. We do not bulk bill. Payment is required at the time of treatment. Patients attending under the MBS program can have their claims electronically lodged with Medicare with rebates paid automatically into your nominated bank account.

Q. How long is my referral valid for?
A. Your Veteran’s Affairs (DVA) or MBS referral referrals are valid for 12 months from the date of issue.

Q. Can a podiatrist refer me for X-Rays and scans or will I need to get the referral from my doctor?
A. Yes, if necessary your Podiatrist can refer you for relevant X-Rays and scans.

Q. How do I know if I need orthotics or not?
A. Orthotics have the potential to assist with a variety of different conditions, however, the need for orthotics can only be accurately determined after a thorough biomechanical assessment with our podiatrist.

Q. What’s the difference between custom and off the shelf orthotics?
A. Off the Shelf Orthotics are made to fit an ‘average’ foot shape, and as such their correction is limited. They are also made from compressible foams and as such, distort very quickly. Custom orthotics have the advantage of being prescribed exactly for the patients condition, and are usually made from more durable materials, hence keeping their corrective properties for up to several years.

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