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Foot Pain and Menopause

Pain in the foot does have a higher incidence after menopause. This study in a group of women in Spain looked at the foot-related quality of life issues surrounding menopause and found that, yes, there is a poorer quality of life-related to foot pain after menopause. There are a number of physiological changes during the […]

Runners Should Rotate Their Running Shoes

The type of running shoe is a key decision that any runner needs to make. The good (or bad) news is that runners should have at least two pairs of running shoes and rotate them on different days. This study shows that runners who use more than one pair of running shoes are less likely […]

Archies Footwear for Children

Archies Footwear are a thong or flip flop that have an arch support built into them. We are one of the largest Archies stockists in Melbourne and have the full range of sizes and colours. It is exciting that the Archies are now available in children’s sizes. Besides being functional and helpful, they are also […]

Ingrown Toenail or Onychophosis?

Ingrown toenails are probably not as common as you think. The most common cause of pain down the side of a toenail is a condition called onychophosis which many people mistake for an ingrown toenail. A true ingrown toenail is when a sharp edge or piece of the nail penetrates the skin to become “ingrown”. […]

What does Tutankhamun and Joseph Goebbels have in common?

Tutankhamun was the 13th pharaoh of the 18th Dynasty of the New Kingdom of Egypt who lived over 3300 years ago and Joseph Goebbels was a Nazi politician in Germany and the chief propagandist for the Nazi Party, becoming Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda from 1933 to 1945. They both allegedly had a clubfoot. A clubfoot […]

What is the best running shoe?

There is no such thing as the best running shoes. You will see all over social media recommendations from people as to what is the best running shoes. It usually turns out that this is the running shoe that they are wearing. Just because that running shoe works for them does not mean it will […]

The Brutality of Chinese Foot Binding

An ancient practice in China was to bind the foot of young girls to stop them growing. They were tightly bound and it was painful. In that culture at the time a smaller foot was considered more erotic and a higher price could be demanded by the brides family prior to marriage if the feet […]

Don’t Ignore the Little Things

In the news this morning is a report on the well-known entertainer Bert Newton undergoing a leg amputation. Bert is 82 years of age and has had a number of well-publicised health problems including a quadruple heart bypass in 2012 and a hospital admission for pneumonia in 2017. Todays report on the leg amputation is […]

Obesity and the Feet

Obesity has become a significant risk factor for so many medical conditions that is becoming much more common. A few years ago it was estimated that 67% of the Australian population over the age of 18 were either overweight or in the obese category. This has major public health implications. The risk for so many […]


We are now a year into this pandemic. What a year it has been! One thing that has changed for a lot of people is our exercise habits. Due to the various stages of lockdowns, some people have started exercising more and some have started exercising less. This has led to some interesting outcomes with […]