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The Brutality of Chinese Foot Binding

An ancient practice in China was to bind the foot of young girls to stop them growing. They were tightly bound and it was painful. In that culture at the time a smaller foot was considered more erotic and a higher price could be demanded by the brides family prior to marriage if the feet […]

Don’t Ignore the Little Things

In the news this morning is a report on the well-known entertainer Bert Newton undergoing a leg amputation. Bert is 82 years of age and has had a number of well-publicised health problems including a quadruple heart bypass in 2012 and a hospital admission for pneumonia in 2017. Todays report on the leg amputation is […]

Obesity and the Feet

Obesity has become a significant risk factor for so many medical conditions that is becoming much more common. A few years ago it was estimated that 67% of the Australian population over the age of 18 were either overweight or in the obese category. This has major public health implications. The risk for so many […]


We are now a year into this pandemic. What a year it has been! One thing that has changed for a lot of people is our exercise habits. Due to the various stages of lockdowns, some people have started exercising more and some have started exercising less. This has led to some interesting outcomes with […]

Back to School Shoes

A new school year is starting soon and so is that tradition of getting the new school shoes for the year. As the feet of children are still growing, they are malleable which means that getting the fit of shoes wrong can result the potential of affecting the normal development of the foot and lead […]

What causes burning feet?

Burning feet is a common issue that we get asked about and it is often hard to get to the bottom of and difficult to deal with as it will often not be apparent what is causing the symptoms. The burning feet syndrome is frequently characterised by the sensation of burning and a heavy feeling […]

Do circulation boosters really work?

Short version: no Long version: no, they don’t. There are several brands of the so-called ‘circulation boosters’ on the market that make cautious claims about boosting the circulation. The claims are made with caution as there is no evidence that they actually do. You often see them being promoted on the morning TV shows, in […]

The Archie MOSI, Craig on the tools

Here is one of the many things that we can do with the Archie arch supporting thongs that so many people like. Craig is demonstrating a MOSI foot orthotic modification that can be made to the thongs. It is a bit on the technical side as it is designed for podiatrists to watch, but hopefully […]

How do you get some arch support in ballet flats?

Short answer: with difficulty. Ballet flats are a particular shoe design inspired by the shoes used by ballet dancers. By design these shoes are very minimalist. They do very little to the foot except cover it and come in a wide range of attractive designs. They also tend to be very snug fitting to help […]

Do you have restless legs syndrome?

Do you have restless legs syndrome? It is a miserable condition to have and we see it in multiple patients that we see (though they have come to us for another reason). We can only empathise with the impact that it has on their sleep and quality of life. Restless Legs Syndrome is a nerve […]