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Our Response to COVID-19

COVID-19 has certainly been a major upheaval in everyone’s lives and in too many cases having tragic consequences. We have all had to adapt to the short term impacts of this on our lives and there will be long term changes in our lives as a result of this. We have had a number of […]

Severs Disease or Calcaneal Apophysitis?

Heel pain in kids is something we see a lot of and something that is quite common. Ask a group of, say around Year 6 school kids, about it and you can assume that they have had it or if they have not had it one or some of their friends have had it – […]

What is a plantar plate tear?

The plantar plate is an area on the bottom of the joint capsule that surrounds the joints of the lessor toes. It is a powerful ligamentous structure that provides stability to the joint and serves as an attachment area of other ligaments around the joint. Sometimes that thickened ligament can get strained, which typically gets […]

Foot Pain in Pregnancy

Pregnancy comes with significant body changes, some of which can actually take place in the feet. The added bodyweight, the fluid retention and the hormonal changes increase swelling in the foot and lower extremities, increasing the chances of foot pain and the ligament laxity may result in structural changes to the feet. Pregnancy and Foot […]

Fat Pad Atrophy

Under the bottom of the heel is a fat pad that naturally cushions us and protects us as we walk. When walking, there is a pressure equal to about 2.5 times body weight on the heel during heel strike, so it should be obvious why we need that fat pad. Without that fat pad there […]

Does the PediRoller massager really help?

The PediRoller is a massage tool designed by a podiatrist that you roll the foot back and forwards over. It can also be frozen, so if it is cold, then that can be used instead of ice for foot pain. The rhythmic rolling of the foot over the massage roller will help those with things […]

What socks should diabetics wear?

Those with diabetes are at a higher risk of developing foot complications. This is because of the higher levels of blood glucose over a longer period of time can damage the nerves and circulation. As a result of this any damage to the foot may not be as easily felt (due to the nerve damage) […]

Do foot corns have roots?

This is a question we get asked a lot. They don’t. It is a myth that persists. The reason that it persists is because corns do often keep coming back after we have removed them. They do not come back because we left the “root” there, like the plant analogy that the myth is based […]

Archies Thongs are selling themselves

We have been stocking the Archies Arch Support Thongs in Melbourne from the very beginning. We were one of the early adopters. They are selling like ‘hotcakes’ and walk themselves out the door. With spring here and summer around the corner, how about coming in and getting a pair.