An ingrown toenail is due to a combination of a curved shape to the nail, poor cutting technique and pressure on the toe from the shoe. Many cases can be managed with conservative care periodically and that combined with good self-care can often take care of it. For some, that is not enough and something more drastic and radical seeds to be done to prevent it from becoming such a regular problem.

If you are in that latter category where the problem is ongoing, then please come in and discuss it with us. A minor surgical procedure under a local anaesthetic can remove the side of the of the toenail that is causing the pain and an acid is used on the growing area of the nail to prevent that side or edge of the nail from growing back. Healing afterwards is usually uneventful, but we do like you to wear an open shoe or sandal for up to a week and keep it dry for at least a few days so that it heals up properly. Please come in and discuss your options if you have this problem.

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