In the news this morning is a report on the well-known entertainer Bert Newton undergoing a leg amputation. Bert is 82 years of age and has had a number of well-publicised health problems including a quadruple heart bypass in 2012 and a hospital admission for pneumonia in 2017.

Todays report on the leg amputation is an important lesson on not ignoring the little things that go wrong with the foot. His problem started off as a simple infection on a toe. It got worse to the stage that the infection spread and there was no option but to remove the leg to prevent further spread and potentially stop it from being fatal.

“It got worse … he was seeing doctors and specialists and they couldn’t seem to get it right, it kept on spreading. Basically he was told last week, you have a couple of months to live, or if you have your leg amputated, you’ll probably have a few years. So, he agreed to have the leg amputated on Saturday,”

Do not ignore minor problems with your feet. It can have serious consequences.

We all wish Bert well in his recovery.

Craig Payne Administrator

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