All types of dementia, of which Alzheimer’s disease is the most common and the most well known is a devastating condition. We certainly see it in many patients that we see drift away slowly and the impact that this has on their loved ones.

We sometimes get asked if is foot pain associated with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease? Generally, the answer to that is no. There is nothing that is inherent in the physiological processes that go on in those with Alzheimer’s disease that can cause foot pain. However, as those who tend to get Alzheimer’s are older and foot problems are more common in those are older, it stands to reason that they will get the usual and typical types of foot problems that those in that age group get. There are also issues with the ability of those with the Alzheimer’s to care for their own feet and the necessity for caregivers to check the feet on a regular basis for any problems. Also the general frailty associated with the condition does make the foot more vulnerable to damage.

Getting foot care for those with all forms of dementia is just as important as any other health service provided. The development of foot problems is going to affect the mobility and quality of life. Providing foot care can be a challenge at times, mostly due to them failing to understand and appreciate what is going on around them, perhaps even lashing out physically and verbally. Foot problems do develop in Alzheimer’s disease, so please check your loved one and bring them in if there are any problems.

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