Do you have shooting pains around the big that radiate forward from the side of the big toe joint into the big toe? If you do, then you might have what is called a Joplin’s Neuroma.

There is a nerve (the medial plantar digital nerve) the goes over the side of the big toe joint. This nerve can have a lot of pressure on it if you have a bunion or use tight fitting footwear. This irritation of the nerve can lead to the formation of a neuroma, the Joplins Neuroma.

The typical symptoms are a shooting and radiation pain over the joint and into the big toe.

The treatment approach to this problem is to get the pressure off the irritated nerve. This will involve wider fitting footwear and the use of padding to keep pressure off the joint. If those measures are not helpful, then a surgical removal of the neuroma might be needed.

If you have any shooting pains around the big toe joint, them come in and see us and we should be able to help.

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