Those with diabetes are at a higher risk of developing foot complications. This is because of the higher levels of blood glucose over a longer period of time can damage the nerves and circulation. As a result of this any damage to the foot may not be as easily felt (due to the nerve damage) and any damage that does occur may not heal as well (due to the circulation damage). For these reasons those with diabetes are urged to pay special attention to their feet and seek expert podiatry care for this.

One way to assist in this is with ‘diabetic socks’. These are socks that are designed and developed with characteristics that can help mediate any damage to the foot that changes in the nerves and circulation may be causing. Probably the most important characteristic is that the sock is not tight so as to restrict circulation. They should be soft so to help absorb some of the ground impacts when walking. They should have no or minimal seams as these can be pressure points. Diabetic socks should also be made of a material that absorb the moisture. They also should help keep the feet warm. All of these characteristics in a diabetic sock can help protect the foot.

At Croydon Total Footcare we can advise you on the best socks if you have diabetes and we do stock a range for your convenience.